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Plus Size Costume Shop carries a full line of unique, hand crafted, high quality costumes for plus-size plus size and super-size super size women in sizes 1X 18/20W - 2X 22/24W - 3X 26/28W - 4X 30/32W - 5X 34/36W - 6X 38/40W - 7X 42/44W - 8X 46/48W. We also offer custom made items and do custom sizing. We offer historical costumes and beautiful and fun Halloween costumes, Christmas costumes, holiday costumes, Valentine's Day costumes, Mardi Gras costumes, and a full line of bridal gowns and wedding dresses for the plus-size bride. Our costumes are perfect for Renaissance and Medieval faires, re-enactment events, LARP, role-playing, ComicCon, Cosplay, Steampunk, library readings, children's parties, costume parties, office parties, dress-up events, and fantasy events. We carry lace-up bodices / corsets, chemises, peasant shirts, waist cinchers, skirts, starter packages, Irish overdresses, Scottish Lass dresses, court gowns, and more! We offer a variety of fabrics including cotton, satin, silk essence, tartans/plaids, and twill and a variety of colors. For Halloween costumes, we carry Alice in Wonderland costumes, Rapunzel costumes, Princess costumes, Fiona Ogre Queen costumes, Queen of Hearts costumes, Wicked Witch costumes, Dorothy costumes, Wizard of Oz costumes, Glinda the Good Witch costumes, Cleopatra costumes, historical costumes, pop culture costumes, retro costumes, Gothic Silver Sparkle Witch costumes, Halloween Sparkle Spider Web Witch costumes, Little Miss Witch costumes, Little Bo Peep costumes, Mother Goose costumes, fairy tale costumes, nursery rhyme costumes, cartoon costumes, Belle from Beauty and the Beast costumes, Harvest Witch costumes, Snow White costumes, Strawberry Shortcake costumes, Cinderella costumes, Fortune Teller costumes, Esmeralda costumes, Sexy Pirate Wench costumes, Buccaneer costumes, Musketeer costumes, Evil Queen costumes, Red Riding Hood costumes, sexy costumes, modest costumes, full-length costumes, demure costumes, gothic costumes, vampire costumes, vampiress costumes, gothic vampire witchy woman costumes, renaissance pirate costumes, Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, Dracula's Bride costumes, barmaid costumes, wench costumes, sorceress costumes, wizard costumes, grecian goddess costumes, roman woman costumes, 1X costumes, 2X costumes, 3X costumes, 4X costumes, 5X costumes, 6X costumes, 7X costumes, 8X costumes. For Christmas and Holiday costumes, we offer a Mrs. Claus costume, a sexy Santa's Helper / Elf costume, an Irish Christmas costume, a Scottish Christmas costume, Victorian Christmas caroler costume.  

Plus-Size Costume Shop carries a full-line of beautiful, flattering, unique, professionally hand-made Halloween costumes, Renaissance garb, bridal gowns and historical clothing for full-figured, plus-size, and super-size women in sizes 1X (18/20W), 2X (22/24W), 3X (26/28W), 4X (30/32W),  5X (34/36W), 6X (38/40W), and 7X (42/44W). Our costumes are extremely well made out of quality fabrics and are meant to hold up to years of wear. We have a huge selection of the most popular costumes including witches, pirates, fairytale princesses, gypsies, Scottish lass and Irish overdresses, lace-up bodices, chemises and lots more! We are usually able to accommodate custom sizing and custom colors. We also accept custom orders (depending on season). Please e-mail us if you have any questions!








October 3, 2013

Our new Mad Hatter Costume is extremely limited and close to selling out. Be sure to get your orders in this week for the Mad Hatter costume.


Halloween Clearance Sale

 Select Halloween costumes (some limited on size) have been moved to the Clearance page. These items are limited and may sell out quickly.

New 2013 Halloween costumes have been posted to the Halloween page:

Tulle Spider Witch Costume & Mad Hatter Costume

We have also brought back two customer favorites:

Queen of Hearts Court Gown & Red Spider Web Witch

In other news...

We have recently revamped the web site, hopefully making it easier for our customers to shop and also making it easier for us to add more costumes and example photos. If you come across broken or misdirected links, please send us an e-mail and let us know.

We have also added a "costume graveyard" page to the web site where we have added photos of discontinued or sold out costumes. The questions we get asked more than any others are "what color should I choose?" or "what colors are available?" We keep a huge selection of colors in stock and have access to pretty much any color you could request, so we've added the costume graveyard page to showcase dozens of example photos to help customers with color choices.



Please e-mail us at if you would like to see something that is not available. We love having new ideas to work with.


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